Ticket Customer Service

Ticket Office

For general ticket information, please contact us through the information below.  

Email: tickets@charlottesports.org


Will Call

Tickets purchased in advance through the Belk Bowl Ticket Office that cannot be mailed due to time restrictions may be picked up at the CSF Ticket Office.

Beginning Monday of game week, Will Call will be moved to the Bank of America Stadium Ticket Office, located on the southeast side of Bank of America Stadium.  Tickets purchased through Ticketmaster and/or the Belk Bowl Ticket Office will be available for pickup.  Weekday hours of Bank of America Stadium are Monday-Friday from 8:30AM to 5:30PM.

Tickets may not be left at Will Call by third parties for others to pick up.

Individuals picking up tickets at either the Belk Bowl Ticket Office or the Bank of America Stadium Ticket Office MUST present a valid photo ID.

Note - For tickets purchased through a participating school:

The ACC Team Will Call is located at the North Gate Entrance.  The SEC Team Will Call is located at the South Gate Entrance.



Bank of America Stadium was designed for fans of all ages.  Please note that every child – 12 months and older – is required to have a game ticket to enter the stadium.  Any child under the age of 12 months admitted without a ticket must share a seat with an accompanying adult.


Ticket Mailing

Tickets will be shipped beginning early fall.  Please keep all tickets, parking, hospitality passes and/or credentials in a safe place.  Parking passes, hospitality passes and game credentials will NOT be replaced.  Please see the ticket replacement policies below.


Replacement Tickets

The Belk Bowl Ticket Office can replace a game ticket that has been lost, stolen or damaged.  Additionally, if you purchased your tickets through the Belk Bowl Ticket Office, you can “Forward Your Tickets” and reprint them at home.  Please see “Forward Your Tickets” below for more information.

In order to facilitate the replacement ticket through the Belk Bowl Ticket Office, the account holder much complete a REPLACEMENT TICKET REQUEST FORM and email or fax it to the Belk Bowl Ticket Office.  The account holder must provide the exact seat location for all tickets needing to be replaced.  Information regarding replacement tickets must be received at least 48 hours prior to the game.

  • A form must be submitted for each account
  • All forms must be signed by the Account Holder.
  • Replacement tickets will NOT be mailed.  All replacement tickets will be left at Will Call.


Stolen Tickets– A copy of the filed police report must accompany the replacement request.  There is no fee for replacing stolen tickets.

Damaged Tickets– Remaining parts of the damaged tickets must accompany the replacement request.  The replacement fee is free when remaining parts of the damaged ticket are accompanied with the request.

Lost Tickets– Lost ticket replacement requests must come from the individual whose name is on the account.  The replacement fee is $20 per ticket.

Tickets Left at Home– Tickets left at home may be replaced to the account holder prior to kickoff the day of the game.  The replacement fee is $20 per ticket.

Block/Group Tickets – Tickets purchased in a block or group allotment will ONLY be reprinted if the EXACT seat location is provided.  The request must come from the account holder.  The replacement fee is $20 per ticket.

Game Day Replacement Tickets– Only account holders may request replacement tickets at the customer service windows on game day.  Identification is required.


Forward Your Tickets

To take advantage of the benefits of being an account holder and avoid the hassle of Will Call, you can e-mail your tickets to virtually anyone up to three (3) hours before the game via ticket forwarding.  This service allows you to e-mail tickets to yourself, friends, family or clients if you need Replacement Tickets.  Log on to MY TICKET ACCOUNT and choose the ticket or group of tickets you want to reprint, enter the recipient’s information and select “forward.”

How it works?Every ticket on your account has a unique bar code, ensuring that they are authentic.  During the forwarding process, the bar code on the original ticket is cancelled and the original ticket is no longer valid.  The recipient is e-mailed a new ticket with a unique bar code that has been electronically issued.  This new ticket can be printed using any standard printer.

What is the fee?Ticket forwarding is an inexpensive alternative to waiting in line at Will Call. For a nominal fee of $1.95 per ticket, you can enjoy the convenience of this innovative technology that provides a secure, alternate method to ensure your tickets get used.